Safe Amalgam Removal

Many patients are deciding they want to have their silver amalgam (mercury) fillings removed, but this can cause a tremendous amount of mercury to be absorbed by their body, especially through the lungs, nose and eyes and make them ill. To help prevent this, safety precautions should be used so the person won’t swallow or breathe mercury vapor while the amalgam fillings are being drilled out.
Mercury vaporizes at room temperature. As soon as the dentist starts drilling the filling, the temperature soars and the mercury vapor comes pouring off the fillings. The inhaled mercury vapors will be transported through the nose and eyes mucosa into the central nervous system where the mercury will settle down and eventually will cause further disorders. To prevent this from happening, we take several efficient safety precautions.
The safe removal of amalgam is being done with a maximum degree of safety for the patient especially for those ones with a higher concentration of mercury in the body or for anyone who wishes to avoid inhaling high dosis of mercury during the removal of the amalgam fillings.

With numerous professionally managed amalgam fillings removals per year and many years of experience in the amalgam-free dentistry, we are among the leading dental practices in the field of amalgam-free restoration and holistic dentistry in Germany.


Amalgam filling isolated with a silicone dam

Clean Up cannula surrounding the amalgam filling

New tooth coloured composite resin filling

Why protect?

It is well-known that highest mercury exposure occurs in laying and drilling of the amalgam filling. For this reason we use a combination of measures that significantly reduces exposure to mercury vapors released upon removal of the amalgam fillings.
Because during conventional drilling of amalgam this is heated and therefore toxic vapors are being produced, we focus a lot on the professional and safe removal of filling. We offer the so-called amalgam removal with triple protection.

IAOMT Protocol
In our practice, the amalgam removal is done according to the IAOMT (International Academy for Oral Medicine and Toxicology) recommended safety protocol. As a replacement for the old amalgam fillings we use only tested and reliable high-quality dental filling materials such as composite resins with ceramic fillers or porcelain. The results can show up: No exposure to mercury vapor for the patient and a sustainable outcome.


Amalgam Removal Safety Precautions

Rubber dam

For a better protection against the vapours inhalation, we will (if permitted by anatomy of the jaw) lay a rubber dam (a rubber strap on plastic or metal frame). The rubber dam isolates the teeth and separates this area from the upper respiratory tract. By drilling resulting vapors and dust can thus not be inhaled. Because inhaled mercury vapor is many times more dangerous than the mere swallowing of this heavy metal. For patients with latex allergy, we offer rubber sheets made of silicone.

Rubber Dam

Special suction cannula

The drilled filling residues are removed with a specially adapted canula (Clean-up system from Sweden). A flexible plastic cover surrounds the tooth from the four sides and is connected with a powerful vacuum elector. This ensures that the filling and cooling water mixture is sucked off without residue. Clinical studies show that using the Clean-up system the distribution of abrasive dust in the oral cavity during the drilling of amalgam up to 10 times lower is than by using a ordinary suction cannula. Mercury vapours and dust are removed completely directly at source.

Clean up Canula

Supplemental Oxygen

In addition we will provide the patient with piped–in oxygen, so you do not have to breathe the air directly over the mouth during amalgam removal. To manage this we will be using an oxygen mask or a nasal cannula (tube) and an oxygen generator. The oxygen will dilute the mercury vapor remnants and prevent them to be inhaled.

Oxygen Machine

Special Drills

We will use for amalgam removal only for this purpose developed drills Made in Germany with a special cut geometry. Thus we achieve the minimum heating of the filling and ensure a low release of mercury vapors. The sophisticated cutting geometry prevents a smudge or clogging of the drill and prevents the formation of additional heat.

Special Bur

Cut and Chunk

We will drill as little as possible and as much as necessary. The removal of the amalgam filling by breaking it into large pieces with hand or rotative tools has priority. The levering has the advantage that toxic mercury vapors can no longer be generated. Thus, this method provides the lowest risk for the patient against inhaling mercury vapors. If we remove an old amalgam by slicing across it and dislodging big chunks, we will aerosolize less of the contents than if we grind it all away.

Filling Chunks

Low speed, Keep it Cool

Of course, the drilling of the filling takes place under constant cooling with water and low speed range in order to avoid overheating. By keeping the amalgam filling under a constant water spray while cutting, we manage to hold the temperature down, and reduce the vapor pressure within the mercury.

Low Speed

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